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3rd MUMIA Training School on Information Retrieval and Interactive Information Access

July 21-July 25, 2014

FORTH-ICS, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

*http <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>:// <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>www <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>**. <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>**mumia <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>**- <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>**network <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>**. <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>**eu <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>/ <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>index <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>**. <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>**php <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>/ <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>training <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>**- <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>**school <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>-2014 <http://www.mumia-network.eu/index.php/training-school-2014>*


The EU-funded COST Network IC1002 (*http://www.mumia-network.eu/ <http://www.mumia-network.eu/>*) is a networking programme which aims to promote collaboration between researchers and professionals working on Multilingual and Multifaceted Information Access (MUMIA). The aim of the 3rd MUMIA Training School on Information Retrieval and Interactive Information Access is to give participants grounding in the core topics that constitute the interdisciplinary area of Multilingual and Multifaceted Interactive Information Access. The school is a week-long event consisting of lecturers from scientists participating in the MUMIA network and invited speakers who are recognized experts in the field. The School is intended for PhD students, Master students or early stage researchers such as post-doctoral researchers interested in the fields of information retrieval, information management, interactive information access and related fields.

CONFIRMED LECTURES ˇ Keith van Rijsbergen, Introduction to IR: Foundation and Models

ˇ Kalervo Jarvelin, Task-based information interaction evaluation

ˇ Braschler Martin, Cross-language and Multilingual IR

ˇ Mihai Lupu, IR Evaluation++

ˇ Stefanos Vrochidis, Interactive Content-based Multimedia Retrieval

ˇ Preben Hansen, Collaborative Information Seeking and Search Interfaces

ˇ Gabriella Pasi, Contextual Search and Contextual Factors Aggregation

ˇ George Paltoglou, Opinion Retrieval in Social Media

ˇ Kostas Stefanidis, Recommender Systems

ˇ Sébastien Ferré, Faceted Search

ˇ Yannis Tzitzikas, Bridging the Web of Documents with the Web of Data

* the school will include 1 or 2 more lectures (confirmation pending)


The training school will organize a Poster session aiming to provide a forum for participants of the training school to discuss their research and interact with senior researchers or other young researchers in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.


Early registration (until June 16, 2014) : 200 Euro

Late or onsite Registration : 250 Euro

Registration Fees include admission to all lectures, course material, lunches, coffee breaks, and participation in the social events organised during the week of the training school.

SCHOLARSHIPS for MSc/MPhil/PhD students and Early Stage Researchers

MUMIA will provide a grant of 600 EUR to a large number of MSc/MPhil/PhD students and Early Stage Researchers (up to 8 years after receiving your PhD) working in one of the *35 COST countries <http://www.cost.eu/about_cost/cost_countries>*. If you want to apply for a scholarship to attend the 3rd MUMIA Training School you must send until May 15, 2014:


an updated short CV (max 2 pages),


a motivation letter

to the MUMIA administration (*ic1002.grantholder at gmail.com <ic1002.grantholder at gmail.com>*), expressing your work's relevance to the courses of the school and your motivation to attend the training school.

For more information about available grants to attend the training school visit the website:

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