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As a follow up to this thread, it seems to me that what is at issue here is not necessarily the native vs. non-native distinction but rather the difference between novice writers and expert writers. This issue is frequently discussed in the literature on learner corpora when it comes to the question of what is the appropriate basis/benchmark of comparison. As for academic writing, many native-speakers are 'learners', i.e. novice writers, just as the non-native speakers are learning to write academic texts.

As for learner corpora of academic writing, here in Bremen we're curently compiling a new Language-for-Specific-Purposes learner corpus, the Corpus of Academic Learner English (CALE) for the study of academic learner writing.

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We're using parts of the MICUSP and the BAWE (native-speaker novice writers) for comparison to our learner data (non-native-speaker novice writers).

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Zitat von Hilary Nesi <aa3861 at coventry.ac.uk>:

> Antoine Goulem asked about corpora for high school students who have
> difficulty writing essays. He might find the BAWE corpus useful,
> www.coventry.ac.uk/bawe<http://www.coventry.ac.uk/bawe> . It's
> composed of British University student assignments from first year
> undergraduate up to taught Masters level - they all received
> relatively high marks and I don't consider it a 'learner corpus' as
> such, but it has been used a fair bit to inform academic writing
> materials and textbooks for both 'native' and 'non-native' speaker
> writers. A follow-on project has developed corpus-informed academic
> writing activities on the British Council Learn English website
> www.britishcouncil.org/writingforapurpose. The materials include
> CALL-style exercises, multimedia files, discipline-specific keyword
> lists, and links to the BAWE corpus on SketchEngine - they are
> intended for students around the world who have to write university
> assignments in the medium of English. We are continually adding to
> the site and welcome feedback.
> About two thirds of the assignments in the BAWE corpus were
> contributed by students who claimed that English was their first
> language and about a third by students who claimed another language
> as their L1, but I agree with Antoine that these distinctions are
> not necessarily very meaningful in British or Canadian university
> contexts.
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