[Corpora-List] Open PhD position in NLP at the University of Gothenburg

Richard Johansson richard.johansson at svenska.gu.se
Tue Apr 8 19:13:42 CEST 2014

The Language Bank (Språkbanken) at the Department of Swedish, University of Gothenburg, announces one PhD position in natural language processing.

Application is done through the Job Portal of the University of Gothenburg. For instructions on eligibility requirements and how to apply, see http://www.gu.se/english/about_the_university/announcements-in-the-job-application-portal/?languageId=0&disableRedirect=true&id=19144&Dnr=611355&Type=E

*** Application deadline: May 6, 2014 ***

For questions about the position, please contact Richard Johansson (richard.johansson at gu.se).

* Overview of the project *

Recent years have seen a number of technical advances in methods that use unannotated corpora to automatically learn representations of meaning, primarily of single words but increasingly often also of larger linguistic units. On the other hand, very significant efforts have been invested in the development of structured linguistic resources such as grammars and lexicons. The project will explore synergies between these two approaches to the acquisition of linguistic knowledge: we will apply corpus-driven methods as a way to expand and correct existing linguistic resources, and conversely we will use hand-crafted resources as additional sources of supervision when learning meaning representations automatically.

The project and the PhD position are funded by a grant from the Swedish Research Council, which will last for five years and is led by Richard Johansson. For details about the project, see its web page: http://spraakbanken.gu.se/swe/corpsem

* The research environment *

The doctoral student will be employed at Språkbanken (the Swedish Language Bank), a unit for research in natural language processing at the Department of Swedish at the University of Gothenburg. The group has a long tradition in research on corpora and other linguistic resources, primarily for the Swedish language in all its stages of development. Språkbanken is a part of the Centre for Language Technology (CLT), a network consisting of research groups in several departments at the University of Gothenburg as well as the Chalmers University of Technology.

* Selection *

In short, anyone with a master's degree in NLP is eligible to apply, but please check the application page for the exact eligibility requirements. The applicants fulfilling the formal eligibility requirements will be ranked according to the suitability for the project. In particular, each of the following qualifications will be considered useful in the context of the project:

- Experience of developing or applying methods for corpus-derived semantic representations, including distributional vector or cluster induction, LDA or similar Bayesian approaches, or methods that induce meaning representations jointly with a classification task or a language model (e.g. neurally inspired approaches). - Experience in developing or using methods for NLP-oriented machine learning and statistical language models. - Programming skills, in particular for processing large amounts of data. - Experience in developing or using computational lexical-semantic resources or semantically annotated corpora, such as WordNet, FrameNet, VerbNet, or PropBank. - Knowledge of syntactic theory, in particular cognitively inspired approaches such as construction grammar.

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