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Parler les langues romanes / Parlare le lingue romanze / Hablar las lenguas romances / Falando línguas românicas GSCP International Conference Stockholm and Uppsala Universities

April 9-12 2014

The ninth GSCP will take place at the Stockholm University and Uppsala University. It aims to promote interest in spoken language studies in Romance Languages, a field of studies that has a strong tradition at Uppsala University and is one of the leading research areas at Stockholm University.

GSCP 2014 focuses on spoken Romance Languages and welcomes submissions in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Abstracts can be submitted for individual papers, posters and panels from August 1st 2013 until September 30th 2013.

This conference focuses on spoken Romance Languages and welcomes abstracts in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English within the following thematic strands: Spoken corpora; speech and linguistic description; phonetic aspects of speech; multimodality, pragmatics, conversation and discourse; speech technology; speech and sociolinguistics; speech in multilingualism/bilingualism.

Abstracts may be submitted in English, French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. The abstract should have 300 words, title and bibliography excluded. Abstracts should contain:

a) Problem statement b) Methodology c) Results: partial or full

Authors are welcome to indicate whether their preference is for a talk, poster presentation or panel; however the Scientific Committee will recommend the presentation format that best suits the abstract proposal. Accepted abstracts will be published on the conference site after authors have registered.

Posters and Oral Presentations

Posters and oral presentations will be treated on a par scientifically by the Scientific Committee. The distinction in presentation formats is merely determined by the appropriacy of the medium to the individual presentation and does not reflect a scale of scientific relevance. Oral presentations should last for 20 minutes. Each oral presentation will have 5 minutes for discussion.

Panel proposals

Panel proposals should be sent by e-mail to parlato at fraita.su.se. The proposal should include the title of the panel, the theme of the panel, name, affiliation and contact details of panel chair, an introductory text (200 words) of the panel; then for each presentation, title followed by name and affiliation of the author, and abstract. The abstracts of the presentations should follow the same guidelines as the other submissions for the conference. Each panel will be allotted 2,5 hours, in case of acceptance, which will allow a maximum of five talks of 20 minutes each.


The conference organizers are exploring the possibility of publishing a volume of selected papers.

More information: http://gscp.it/GSCP_official_website/GSCP_2104.html

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