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Call for workshop papers


Pre-conference workshop at the Text Encoding Initiative Conference Rome, Monday 30th September 2013 Workshop website: http://www.clarin.eu/TEI-CLARIN-Workshop-2013 Conference website: http://digilab2.let.uniroma1.it/teiconf2013/ Address for submissions: martin.wynne at it.ox.ac.uk

The keynote speaker for the workshop will be Dr. Alexander Geyken of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences (BBAW).

* Timetable *

Call for papers issued: 1.7.13 Deadline for submissions: 31.7.13 Authors informed of acceptance of proposals: 14.8.13 Workshop date: 30.9.13

CLARIN is a pan-European initiative which aims to build a research infrastructure for language resources integrating numerous tools and resources in a distributed architecture, and which will respond to the needs of researchers across the humanities and social sciences. CLARIN is being built on open standards, but also with a recognition that standards and guidelines are only one part of a complex jigsaw which needs to be assembled to create reliable, durable and high quality services. The Text Encoding Initiative is a long-standing community which develops guidelines for the encoding of scholarly texts in XML, and works with associated technologies. This workshop aims to bring together those involved in these two sets of activities to share experiences and knowledge, and to find ways to work together productively in the next generation of infrastructure services.

The organizing committee of this workshop invite proposals for presentations on topics which link together CLARIN and the TEI, including: - the role of the TEI in developing standards for CLARIN services, - technical issues in the integration of TEI-conformant resources or TEI-aware tools in CLARIN services, - barriers and problems with the deployment and linking of CLARIN and TEI technologies, - training, awareness and advocacy activities. Presenters will be asked not to simply present an overview of their work, but to focus on precisely how, why (or why not) TEI formats, guidelines and technologies are being deployed, and to go into some technical detail to do this.

It is hoped that this will be only the start of promoting dialogue and collaboration between CLARIN and the TEI at many levels. One result would be an improved dialogue about the use of the TEI in higher-level initiatives to develop standards for the CLARIN architecture, but another would be enhanced engagement directly with the TEI community of developers and researchers in the many centres and institutions related to CLARIN.

* Format of proposals *

Proposals should be between 500 and 1000 words, in a text document, and should be sent to martin.wynne at it.ox.ac.uk. Proposals should contain a title and the names and affiliations of all authors. Full details of the call can be found at http://www.clarin.eu/TEI-CLARIN-Workshop-2013.

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