[Corpora-List] Update: Opinion mining and lexical affect sensing

Alexander Osherenko osherenko
Sun Jan 27 12:00:22 CET 2013

You might have read the review of my dissertation by Marina Santini at http://www.forum.santini.se/2012/11/thesis-review-opinion-mining-and-lexical-affect-sensing/<http://www.linkedin.com/redirect?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eforum%2Esantini%2Ese%2F2012%2F11%2Fthesis-review-opinion-mining-and-lexical-affect-sensing%2F&urlhash=j4r6&_t=tracking_anet>

with a conclusion "the thesis...is good food for thought.".

Recently, I got another nice comment: "...the thesis ...demonstrates a broad scope of scientific experimentation, in that it explores a variety of approaches to affect categorisation far beyond a mere classification of texts, and outlining applications in dialogue systems and robotics."

If you are interested in this research, I summarized information about it on: http://www.socioware.de/technology.html#book


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