[Corpora-List] Web interfaces for Brown+ corpora

Mark Davies Mark_Davies
Fri Jan 25 15:55:48 CET 2013

For a paper I'm writing, I'd like to list the different *web interfaces* to the Brown family of corpora (e.g. Brown, LOB, Frown, FLOB). I'm aware of the interfaces from:

-- the ICAME site -- Sketch Engine -- LexTutor -- corpus.leeds.ac.uk

But I'm sure that there are more, and I'd appreciate knowing of any others.

Related to this (and sorry, I should probably know this already) -- what is the current copyright/licensing status for the Brown family of corpora? I've seen http://icame.uib.no/brown/bcm.html#bc7, but it seems like it might be a bit outdated (1979).

Thanks in advance,

Mark Davies

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