[Corpora-List] Free Paraphrases of Noun Compounds -- a task at *SEM 2013

sowa at bestweb.net sowa
Wed Jan 23 17:51:23 CET 2013

> There's a debate to be had about whether or not all possible N+N
> compounds are meaningful to some degree...
An N+N compound in English means that there is some implicit relationship that the speaker assumes the audience knows. One of my favorite examples is 'steamer duck', which is not a kind of duck that is cooked by steaming (as steamer clams). Instead, a steamer duck is one that flaps its wings like a paddle-wheel steamer when it takes off. John Sowa -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: not available Type: text/html Size: 504 bytes Desc: not available URL: <https://mailman.uib.no/public/corpora/attachments/20130123/21503fbd/attachment.txt>

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