[Corpora-List] Final reminder: 2 open PhD positions in computational linguistics at Uppsala University

Joerg Tiedemann jorg.tiedemann
Thu Jan 17 23:51:19 CET 2013

This is a final reminder about the 2 PhD positions in computational linguistics at Uppsala University announce at: http://www.uu.se/jobb/phd-students/annonsvisning?languageId=1&tarContentId=222147

It is also still possible to apply for our international Master Program in Language Technology for this fall: http://www.uu.se/en/education/master/selma/program/?pKod=HSP2M&lasar=13/14

More information about the open PhD positions:

Application deadline: 21 January, 2013

Please use the following web form to send your application: http://www2.personalavd.uu.se/jobb/appform.php?lang=en&case=UFV-PA%202012/1328

Terms and conditions

- Both positions are fully funded for 4 years of full-time studies and research - PhD candidates are employed at Uppsala University with regular salaries - starting salary is about 22,000 SEK before taxes (which is around 30%) - positions include common benefits for social security according to

Swedish laws and university regulations

Research topics

The PhD positions are not fixed to specific research projects. We invite applications within the fields of machine translation, parsing and computational linguistics for the humanities. Our focus is on statistical machine translation, data-driven parsing and computational linguistics for the cultural heritage. We also emphasize multilinguality and the inclusion of wide contextual features in NLP tasks in our research and developments. More information about computational linguistics in Uppsala can be found here: http://www.lingfil.uu.se/st/

We especially seek students with a strong background in data-driven techniques with knowledge of statistics, machine learning approaches and programming skills. We require proficiency in English writing and communication (knowledge of Swedish is not required). Applicants are expected to work independently on their own research projects but also to participate in other research activities at our department such as seminars and reading groups.

Application procedures

Applications need to be sent electronically using this form: http://www2.personalavd.uu.se/jobb/appform.php?lang=en&case=UFV-PA%202012/1328 Make sure that you include an initial research plan of about 3-5 pages (attached at "more documents"). This plan is essential for the assessment of your application and your research ideas. It should include the following information:

- A preliminary title for your dissertation - The purpose of the study - Problems and scientific questions to be addressed

You may also include more details about - Methodology and theory - Material to be studied (or used) - Sources and literature

To sum up, attachments to the application form are:

* A cover letter: A one page letter of introduction

* Your CV (verifying that the applicant meets the requirements

to be admitted as a doctoral student at the Faculty of Languages

at Uppsala University. Include copies of degrees and official

transcripts if needed

* Copies of diplomas and other degrees that are relevant

to the application

* Letters of recommendation (not obligatory)

* More documents:

- A completed application form for admission


- An electronic copy of your master's thesis (or corresponding work)

- Electronic copies of other relevant papers and essays

- Your initial research plan (see above)

Applicants need to demonstrate that they fulfill the formal requirements of admission to our PhD program. This includes a university degree in computational linguistics corresponding to at least 4 years of full-time study including at least one year on the master's level. Masters in computer science, general linguistics and related fields are admissible if the applicant can demonstrate the ability of working in the field of computational linguistics at the PhD level. NLP-related courses, relevant projects and practical work may be used for that purpose.

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