[Corpora-List] ON using a subject in the SUBJECT line

Khurshid Ahmad kahmad
Thu Jan 17 21:43:29 CET 2013

Please folks use the subject line. I have to open every mail from Corpus List as I am not sure whether the mail is relevant or not

On 17-01-2013 20:18, maxwell wrote:
> On 2013-01-17 09:57, Eirini LS wrote:
>> I mean that I have two different scripts for the same word (e.g. two
>> scripts for "cat") written by different people. The first script
>> generates 358 words (and only 107 words are correct), and the second
>> script generates 497 words (and 471 words are correct). Can I say
>> that
>> the result of the first script is worse or not?
> Clearly the recall and precision on the second script are higher. Of
> course, without knowing what the total number of words that should be
> generated is, it's hard to say more. In particular, it's hard to say
> whether 471 is good. (Is the second script getting 471 out of 500
> possible, or 471 out of 50,000?)
> In general, though, I think comparing at this gross level is only
> going to give a general sort of answer. What you really want is a
> test set where each input word is paired with its expected output
> word, so you can do error analysis and regression testing.
> Mike Maxwell
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