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Alejandro Bellogin Kouki alejandro.bellogin
Tue Jan 8 17:14:22 CET 2013

It has indeed received quite attention recently http://www.cs.york.ac.uk/semeval-2013/task9/ (see Task 9.1)

You may also check the previous challenge here http://labda.inf.uc3m.es/DDIExtraction2011/

Regards, Alejandro

WHITELOCK, Pete escribió:
> I?m interested in the problem of spotting that a particular string
> that?s not in one?s dictionary is in fact the name of a drug. New
> drugs and their names are being created all the time and it?s pretty
> easy as a human to see a string in isolation and see ?yeh, that?s a
> drug name?. Anyone done anything similar to this? I vaguely recall
> some discussion of distinguishing boys? and girls? names (as an
> exercise in some textbook?).
> In addition, does anyone know where to get a list of drug names to use
> as the starting point.
> Thanks for any help
> Pete Whitelock, PhD
> Principal Language Engineer, Technology
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Alejandro Bellogin Kouki


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