[Corpora-List] help to find Arabic corpus

Imene Bensalem bens.imene
Sat Jan 5 15:06:35 CET 2013

Hello Alaa,

If I well understand , you need an Arabic corpus where each geographical name (toponym) is tagged with its longitude and latitude or its path in the word e.g (Alexandria->Egypt->Africa->Word) + a set of geographical request,

right ?

To the best of my knowledge there is no Arabic corpora for evaluation of GIR, and may be it a good idea to have a project of building such a corpus if you are a PhD student. You can use Wikipedia as a source of text especially because the name of places in Wikipedia are generally hypertext and pages of places (e.g countries) are tagged with the geographical coordinates .

Best regards

Imene Mentouri university , Constantine, Algeria -----------------------------

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> Dears,Hello, i am researcher fro Egypt work in the GIR domain , can i ask
> if you can help me to find Arabic corpus to evaluate me GIR system Alaa
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