[Corpora-List] Lexical changes in the Brown family of corpora and/or ARCHER

John F Sowa sowa
Thu Jan 3 07:04:02 CET 2013

On 1/2/2013 11:09 PM, Hardie, Andrew wrote:
> Baker, P. (2010) Will Ms ever be as frequent as Mr?

The second letter of those titles can now be replaced with x, as in a variable or an unknown. See the following quotation:

> Born physically male, Bond is transgender and eschews gender-
> specific honorifics and pronouns, preferring, respectively,
> "Mx." (in place of "Mr." or "Ms.") and "V" ("vself" instead
> of "himself" or "herself").



Language evolves with the culture and the technology available for changing the culture.

To answer Baker's question, I suspect that titles will be dropped.

I rarely see titles of any kind in emails, chat, and messages. Does anyone have statistics about changing frequencies?

John Sowa

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