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Actually, in Italian it is spelled "zabaione" and not "zabaglione", although the pronounciation of the "i" might be most of the times [ʎ] and not [j], as it *should* be [although I am not particualrly fond of normativity]. Moreover, given that borrowing of culinary terms in English pass through French, even though originally Italian, they must have been borrowed not so recently. Anyway, what I wanted to show is that even in Northern Italy, were the term supposedly comes from, it is/was called "sambajon", not so dissimilar to the French "sabayon".


2013/2/28 Alon Lischinsky <alischinsky at gmail.com>

> On 2013/2/28 Leon Derczynski <leon at dcs.shef.ac.uk> wrote:
> > "sabayon"
> >
> > An interesting example - like "tajweed", it seems to be a word that was
> > introduced/appropriated to another language and mis-transliterated en
> route
> mistransliterated how? In Northern Italian pronunciation, word-initial
> /z/ is typically [dz], which is phonotactically impossible in French;
> its simplification to /s/ makes sense, given how rare word-initial /z/
> is in French anyway (pace Eleonora, I don't suppose etymology had
> anything to do with it). /ʎ/ → /j/ is also typical in
> Italian-to-French borrowings.
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