[Corpora-List] "Tajweed" in English dictionaries and corpora

Eric Atwell E.S.Atwell at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Feb 28 11:03:05 CET 2013

Can anyone point me at research on vocabulary related to Islam, and how it figures in British dictionaries and corpora? (other than "Terrorism" of course - well-researched by corpus linguists :-)

We have a UK-EPSRC project on "Natural Language Processing Working Together With Arabic And Islamic Studies", focussing on Tajweed. I've just discovered a Quite Interesting fact about Tajweed:

It is worth noting that even though "Tajweed" is a term understood by most British muslims (2.7 million or 5% of the UK population according to UK Census 2011), the word is left out of most British English dictionaries: it is not found in the Oxford English Dictionary, the Collins English Dictionary, or the Longman Dicitionary of Contemporary English. "Tajweed" is also not found in the 100-million-word British National Corpus, although Google search for "tajweed" reports "About 1,800,000 results".

The only English-language "dictionary definition" I could find for "Tajweed" was in Wikipedia:

Tajw.d (Arabic: ...... ta.w.d: IPA: [tŠ.wi.d]) is an Arabic word for elocution and refers to the rules governing pronunciation during recitation of the Qur'an.

I would have thought that, although the word is Arabic by origin, it is now a fully-British English loan word, used by many British English speakers....

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