[Corpora-List] frequency of colour terms (Greek and Dutch)

H.A.E Viethen H.A.E.Viethen at uvt.nl
Mon Feb 25 14:31:42 CET 2013


we are looking for a way to estimate the relative frequency of colour terms in different languages, in particular Greek and Dutch. So for example, we'd like to know how frequent the term 'rood' (red) is in Dutch compared to the term 'roze' (pink), or how the frequencies of the terms 'ble' and 'galázio' compare in Greek.

We only need ballpark figures, the kind of thing one might estimate with hit counts in web searches, although having slightly more reliable numbers than that would be nice. In any case, many Greek colour terms are derived from common nouns for objects in the natural environment and usually even spelled the same. This makes it difficult to distinguish the use of a word as a colour term from its use as a common noun.

Does anyone know of a resource (paper, website, anything) that might readily list relative frequencies for colour terms in Greek and Dutch? Alternatively, can anyone point us to a POS-tagged corpus of Greek or Dutch which would be suitable for counting the use of colour terms?

Many thanks,

Jette Viethen Tilburg University

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