[Corpora-List] OALI pledge to publish (open access monographs in linguistics)

Stefan Müller Stefan.Mueller at fu-berlin.de
Mon Feb 18 13:48:28 CET 2013

Dear Eric,

Thanks for asking this question. Depending on the subject you are working on in linguistics the number of printed copies is rather low and hence you either do not find a publisher or the book prices are very high or you have to pay a high fee.

For some examples see:


The book prices consist of production cost, profit margins, and distribution costs. 55% are distribution costs. Our books will be availible as PDF (for free) and by Print on Demand. Because we do not have the classical distribution costs (storage, distributers, ...), we do not have these 55% as part of our costs and we do not have profit margins. The Print On Demand books will be a factor 20-60 cheaper than those of commercial publishers.

Since the pdfs are freely availible you will have a much larger readership, more citations, more fun. There are studies showing this. See


for references.

In addition we will convert all texts into XML and as a corpus linguist your heart should beat higher when you hear this. Everybody can access everything. Isn't that great?

Last point: We are working with the crowd. Accepted manuscripts can be reviewed by additional reviewers from the crowd and therefore we can increase quality even further. In addition there will be many proofreaders and typesetters (for those who need assistance). We therefore will be faster and better than traditional publishers.

Our typesetters are linguists, hence we do not have the friction between author and typesetter and hence much less frustration.

Please refer to to see how many proofreaders and typesetters already signed (after 20 hours).


We are working for us, not for the 35-40% profit margins of publishers like Springer or Elsevier.

If you want to discuss these questions further, we can do so in Frank Richter's blog:


There are quite a few interesting posts already, for instance concerning the economy of the publishing business.

Best wishes


Am 18.02.13 10:08, schrieb Yannick Versley:
> (and, for obvious reasons, you don't know what
> you are buying unless you already have the chapter in question from the author's
> website, or have read a review of the chapter or book somewhere)

And this is a very good argument, which is/was not on our pages until now.

If you like comics, you may watch this one:


Greetings from Berlin


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