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Marina Bondi marina.bondi at unimore.it
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A more recent publication would be

Academic Evaluation: Review Genres in University Settings, Palgrave, 2009, edited by Ken Hyland and Giuliana Diani.

Giuliana has also recently published "Reviewing academic research in the disciplines", Rome: Officina, 2012.

She migth be able to send you more on this!

Marina Bondi

Il 17/02/2013 10:47, Alon Lischinsky ha scritto:
> On 2013/2/15 Williams <williams at univ-ubs.fr> wrote:
>> I am looking for references to recent corpus and genre research into book reviews in scholarly journals. All pointers welcome.
> I don't know how recent is recent, but probably the most influential
> work on the genre structure of book reviews is Ken Hyland's chapter on
> the subject in Disciplinary Discourses (2000). Françoise Salager-Mayer
> and Ana Moreno are other authors who come to mind. They do not employ
> computational techniques, as far as I know, but Hyland's original
> approach was based on what boiled down to a paper-based corpus
> analysis of evaluation.
> Best,
> Alon
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