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Dear colleagues,

Our Open Access Project for monographs in linguistics is now almost ready for take off.


Our goal is to establish at least one series per description level (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, ...) and some series for subjects (typology, CL, historical, ...).

We want to apply for funding to the DFG and for this it would be good to know how many books we may expect within the next two years. If you are working on a book and plan to do it with us, please sign a pledge to publish here:


You may also sign as a reviewer, software developer, typesetter (yourself or your staff, if you have resources to share) or simply as a supporter.

Those of you who are already listed as supporters can nevertheless sign the pledge or enter any further commitments.


Let's do it now!


PS: If you have money over and/or really like the project, you may donate here:


The first donations are already in (3000€ and 100€ and two flattrs=micro-payment).


PPS I will be very busy during the next two weeks and may not reply immediately, but I will reply eventually. Promised.


-- Stefan Müller Tel: (+49) (+30) 838 52973

Fax: (+49) (030) 838 4 52973 Institut für Deutsche und Niederländische Philologie Deutsche Grammatik Habelschwerdter Allee 45 14 195 Berlin


http://hpsg.fu-berlin.de/OALI/ (Open Access)


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