[Corpora-List] Looking for spoken corpora of materials appropriate for grade school (US K-12) students

Tristan Miller miller at ukp.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Feb 13 22:09:07 CET 2013


On Wednesday 13 February 2013, Diane M. Napolitano wrote:
> Hello, I'm looking for speech corpora (with transcripts) of any size
> that consist of materials that would typically be presented in the
> classroom, such as childrens' books or textbooks being read aloud, or
> lectures that would be delivered to students in what roughly
> corresponds to US grades K-12 education. We've found corpora of
> children reading various things, but that's not quite right; we need
> the things as they would be read to children, and audio clips of that
> happening. :)
> If I can provide any more information, please let me know. Sorry if
> this is a rather vague or strange question.

LibriVox <http://librivox.org/> is a collection of free audio recordings of Project Gutenberg and other public-domain texts. If you go to the Advanced Search page and enter "children" for the genre, you get over 2300 results. Each entry should have the complete e-text, plus the audio recordings in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats.

Regards, Tristan

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