[Corpora-List] V&L Net Workshop on Language for Vision

Mirella Lapata mlap at inf.ed.ac.uk
Tue Feb 12 04:22:31 CET 2013

CVPR 2013 WORKSHOP V&L Net Workshop on Language for Vision June 23rd, Portland, Oregon URL: http://www.cs.york.ac.uk/L4V/


Fragments of natural language, in the form of tags, captions, subtitles, surrounding text or audio, can aid the interpretation of image and video data by adding context or disambiguating visual appearance. In addition, labelled images are essential for training object or activity classifiers. For this reason, there is a growing interest in exploiting language understanding in order to help solve problems in computer vision.

The EPSRC Network on Vision and Language (V&L Net - http://www.vlnet.org.uk/) has been set up to foster collaborative work in this area. It is a forum for researchers from the fields of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing to meet, exchange ideas, expertise and technology, and form new partnerships. The aim is to create a lasting interdisciplinary research community situated at the language-vision interface, jointly working towards solutions for some of today's most challenging computational challenges, including image and video search, description of visual content and text-to-image generation.

Papers are invited that describe novel research in which language is used to help solve a vision problem or where using language and vision together offers improved performance over using one alone. We also welcome papers describing new datasets or benchmarks for language-assisted computer vision.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

* Image and video labelling and annotation * Image and video description * Computational modelling of human vision and language * Image and video retrieval * Multimodal human-computer communication * Automatic text illustration * Language-driven animation * Facial animation from speech * Assistive methodologies * Text-to-image generation

DATES (all 2013)

Submission: March 17th Notification: April 24th Camera ready: May 1st Workshop: June 23rd


Ted Briscoe, University of Cambridge, UK Darren Cosker, University of Bath, UK Frank Keller, University of Edinburgh, UK William Smith, University of York, UK

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