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Dear Amaš,

as well as tools you can trust, you need data you can trust. Techniques I describe in Getting to know your corpus<http://trac.sketchengine.co.uk/attachment/wiki/AK/Papers/Kilgarriff_TSD2012.pdf?format=raw> are designed to help researchers find the characteristics, quirks and biases of their dataset

(video version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XvWh6YqgkU)



On 5 February 2013 03:44, Amac Herdagdelen <amac at herdagdelen.com> wrote:

> Dear Corpora Members,
> A colleague of mine who is currently doing his PhD in political science
> asked me this interesting question:
> "One of the hallmarks of Political Science (for better or for worse) is
> importing techniques from other disciplines and figuring out how to make
> them work in the Political context. As far as text processing the latest
> and greatest that we have in our literature is LDA. Is there anything
> new/fun that jumps to mind that I should read up on? LDA papers have won
> our "Best Methodological Innovation" awards 3 years running."
> What are your thoughts? What new things do we have/know to offer other
> fields?
> Best,
> Amaš
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