[Corpora-List] how many subscribers are there on corpora-list?

Knut Hofland Knut.Hofland at uni.no
Thu Aug 22 14:32:52 CEST 2013

Dear all subscribers,

On Wed, 21 Aug 2013, Krishnamurthy, Ramesh wrote:

> I believe it would be of benefit to existing subscribers,
> as well as to prospective subscribers, to know how many
> subscribers corpora-list has at any given time.
> Could this information be displayed on the corpora-list
> website, and updated on some regular basis (eg once a month?)
> or just automatically updated each time someone subscribes or unsubscribes?

At the moment I have 4815 names on the list, some of these are redistribution addresses. Some may have been set to nomail.

This number is increasing from month to month. I get from 60-100 new subscriptions in a month and 20-50 unsubscriptions, so the increase is around 30-60 each month.

I can try regularily to put these numbers on the Corpora web site.

It is possible to read the messages at the Corpora archive site or at the Linguist site without being a member.

Only messages sent from members are automatically sent to the list. Messages from others have to be approved by be. Also new subsriptions have to be approved by me (anybody can be a member).

Best regards

Knut Hofland Listadm Corpora

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