[Corpora-List] how many subscribers are there on corpora-list?

Trevor Jenkins trevor.jenkins at suneidesis.com
Wed Aug 21 13:08:45 CEST 2013

On 21 Aug 2013, at 11:42, "Krishnamurthy, Ramesh" <r.krishnamurthy at aston.ac.uk> wrote:

> The Facebook group gives its number of MEMBERS as 962,
> so I wondered if there was an easy way to find out how
> many people SUBSCRIBE to corpora-list, just as a general
> indication. If there is a massive difference in the numbers,
> as i suspect, then I will continue to advise people to
> post here if they do not get a satisfying answer on
> Facebook.

As moderator of a different list the number of names on the subscribers list is useless. There are those who have switched to "no mail", there are those who have changed their address without unsubscribing the original one, there are those who have changed their address and resubscribed with the new one, there are those who subscribed with the intention of spamming the list, there are those experiencing network disruption so aren't receiving any posts. The single number doesn't mean anything.

And then there's the whole phenomenon of false likes or fake followers where the numbers are artificially inflated for some purpose, common tricks on Facebook or Twitter. I am most emphatically NOT suggesting that the subscriber list for CORPORA-L is inflated. But the number can't be trusted for all sorts of reasons.

Regards, Trevor.

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