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Thu Aug 1 20:59:12 CEST 2013

[This new corpus and research project might be of interest to members of the corpora list]

The Open Syllabus Project <http://opensyllabusproject.org/> is pleased to announce that is has received a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to support its first year of development.

The OSP’s mission is to build a large-scale online collection of syllabi and to build foundational tools for analyzing it, in order to advance scholarly inquiry, promote institutional cooperation, and foster pedagogical diversity. We believe that this critical mass of syllabi will stimulate new research tools, drive policy change, foster best practices, provide new metrics, and aid in the search, discovery, and the development of new course materials.

Toward these ends we have assembled a team of scholars, librarians, administrators, open scholarship activists who can make this ambitious project a reality. We are lucky to have supporters in Dan Cohen’s Million Syllabus Archive <http://www.dancohen.org/2011/03/30/a-million-syllabi/>, Harvard University’s Berkman Center <https://cyber.law.harvard.edu/> and metaLab <http://metalab.harvard.edu/>, Columbia’s American Assembly<http://americanassembly.org/>, Butler Library and the English Department, University of Washington’s Project Information Literacy <http://projectinfolit.org/>, and UNC’s Digital Innovation <http://digitalinnovation.unc.edu/> group.`

Now, we need your help. We have data, but we need more. Whether a few sheets or a few terabytes, please consider helping us to build this collective dataset. In return, release a rich dataset of metadata to the public, while protecting the original documents in a secure “research sandbox” environment. Talk to your administrators, share your university, college, departmental, or private collections. Let’s use the data we have to drive institutional change, to experiment, and to innovate in this area.

We are also actively looking for researchers interested in natural language processing and archive architecture, and for students at all levels who can benefit from hands-on experience (and a modest compensation) working on a tough, real-world problem.

Thanks to our funders we are able to support some initial rapid development, but the long-term success of the project depends on your participation. Visit us at opensyllabusproject.org to learn how to get involved and stxay tuned for more developments.

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