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The submission deadline is extended to *December 5th, 2012*.* *

*Feel free to disseminate this call to interested colleagues and students. Apologies for cross-posting.*

*Fourth edition of the workshop "Services and Open Sources"*

*SOS’2013 (co-located with EGC’2013)*

*January 29th, 2013 - Toulouse, France*


*Workshop presentation:*

For its fourth edition SOS'2013 workshop proposes to highlight the multiple problems associated with the processing of data available on open sources (OS).

OS include all media freely accessible, free or paid, such as the Internet, public databases, journals, CD-ROMs, television and radio, etc. as opposed to closed sources whose access requires specific permissions. These OS provide huge amount of heterogeneous multimedia data (images, text, audio, video, etc.) requiring appropriate treatments to facilitate their exploitation. This workshop will focus on all these steps, starting from the discovery of available information sources, the collection and analysis of the collected data until the knowledge gathering and exploitation.

A specific interest will be on architectural choices selected for the implementation of applications using OS. Indeed, these applications usually attempt to reconcile several software components (COTS, open source software, ad hoc development, etc.) to make them work together in order to achieve a particular task. This represents a scientific and technical challenge for which researchers on implementation of processing chains to exploit these data can contribute. Emphasis will be placed on service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the use of Semantic Web technologies.

For this edition, SOS'2013 wants to put forward the recent challenges coming from the treatment of huge amount of data (called "Big data"). The new explosion of the Web size has led to an important need to adapt and optimize the whole information processing chain in order to manage these large amounts of data.

This workshop aims at bringing together researchers from academic and industrial worlds in order to obtain a representative panel of people tackling the different problems related to the topics listed below.

*Workshop topics:*

* Identification and automatic discovery of information sources,

* Access and collection of information from open sources (web, social networks, RSS feeds and others),

* Classification and filtering of information of interest,

* Information extraction from unstructured text and/or using specific vocabularies (blogs, texting, forums),

* Information extraction from large corpus of multimedia data (text, image, video, audio),

* Opinion and sentiment analysis from social media (social networks, weblogs, forums),

* Modeling and gathering of knowledge extracted from open sources (ontologies, semantic annotations),

* Exploitation of knowledge extracted from open sources: reasoning, decision support, visualization,

* Detection of weak signals,

* Open sources quotation and assessment,

* Quotation of information extracted from open sources,

* Inference mechanisms, mining and link validation between data,

* Platforms for the integration of heterogeneous processing services: service interoperability, semantic orchestration,

* Strategic or economic watch applications from open sources,

* Open sources intelligence applications (OSINT),

* "Big data"-oriented applications.

*Important dates:*

* Submission deadline : *December 5th, 2012*

* Notification of acceptance: December 21, 2012

* Final version: January 2nd, 2013

* Workshop : January 29th, 2013

*Program Committee:*

Florence Amardeilh (Mondeca)

Gaël de Chalendar (CEA LIST)

Olivier Corby (INRIA, Sophia Antipolis)

Valentina Dragos (ONERA)

Adil El Ghali (IBM)

Christian Fluhr (GEOL Semantics)

Bruno Grilheres (Cassidian)

Dafni Stampouli (Cassidian)

Nicolas Hernandez (Université de Nantes)

Alexandre Pauchet (LITIS, Rouen)

Haïfa Zargayouna (LIPN, Université de Paris 13)

Maroua Bouzid (GREYC, Université de Caen)

Cassia Trojahn (IRIT, Toulouse)

Klaus Atzenbeck (IISYS, Hof University, Germany)

Sinan Yurtsever (Atos, Turkey)

Nizar Ghoula (Université de Genève, Switzerland)


This workshop invites authors to submit their papers in French or in English (with an abstract in English in both cases). Papers will not have to exceed 12 pages (appendices included).

Please comply with EGC'2013 organizers' instructions by using the RNTI format downloadable at this address: http://www.antsearch.univ-tours.fr/rnti

Each proposal will be evaluated by at least two program committee members. Selected papers will be orally presented by at least one of the authors (in French or in English at authors' convenience).

The workshop will start with a presentation of a keynote speaker (to be announced shortly) and will end with an open discussion regarding open sources data exploitation.

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