[Corpora-List] 2 fully-funded PhD positions in computational linguistics at Uppsala University

Joerg Tiedemann jorg.tiedemann at lingfil.uu.se
Thu Nov 29 23:06:51 CET 2012

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Announcement: 2 PhD positions in computational linguistics at the Department of linguistics and philology, Uppsala University

Application no later than 2013-01-21. UFV-PA 2012/1328 Starting in 2013. More information: http://www.uu.se/jobb/phd-students/annonsvisning?tarContentId=222147

The Department of linguistics and philology hereby announces positions for up to two doctoral students in computational linguistics. Applicants are primarily expected to propose PhD projects related to one of the three research areas currently prioritized by the computational linguistics group at the department: (1) syntactic parsing, (2) machine translation and (3) computational linguistics for the humanities.

Research and teaching at the Department of linguistics and philology covers approx. twenty different languages and linguistic subjects as well as computational linguistics. These include many of the important languages and cultures in the Middle East, to which can be added Hindi, Swahili, Chinese, Ancient Greek and Latin. Comparative Indo-European linguistics and general linguistics are also part of the department.

Application for admission to postgraduate studies at the Department of linguistics and philology has to be made on the form provided. For information about admission, forms etc. see the website of the Faculty of languages, http://www.sprakvet.uu.se/Forskning/Forskarutbildning. Please make sure that you meet both the general and the subject-specific qualifications for doctoral education. At the faculty website you will also find guidelines for application to postgraduate studies. Knowledge of Swedish is not required for the position.

More information about the PhD programme at the department can be found on the following website: http://www.lingfil.uu.se/utb/fu (see English version).

Rules and regulations for the PhD study programme are found in the “Act of higher education” (Högskoleförordningen, 6 kap, §§ 25-36) and in rules and regulations of Uppsala university (http://regler.uu.se).

The salary is according to the guidelines of Uppsala university and is not negotiable.

http://www.uu.se/jobb/doktorander http://www.sprakvet.uu.se/Forskning/Forskarutbildning/Hur_ansoker_jag_/ http://www.sprakvet.uu.se/Forskning/Forskarutbildning/Finansiering

For more information, please contact Jörg Tiedemann (Jorg.Tiedemann at lingfil.uu.se, tel +46 (0)18-471 1412), Mats Eskhult (Mats.Eskhult at lingfil.uu.se, tel +46 (0)18-471 7379) or Lars Hagborg (Lars.Hagborg at uadm.uu.se, tel +46 (0)18-471 1907). Union representatives are Anders Grundström, Saco-rådet (tel +46 (0)18-471 5380), Carin Söderhäll, TCO/ST (tel +46 (0)18-471 1996) and Stefan Djurström, Seko (tel +46 (0)18-471 3315).

The deadline for applications is 21 January 2013 at latest, UFV-PA 2012/1328. Use the link below to access the application form: http://www2.personalavd.uu.se/jobb/appform.php?lang=en&case=UFV-PA%202012/1328

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