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Mon Nov 26 17:38:13 CET 2012

Dear colleagues,

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We are pleased to announce that the online workshop *Methodology for Terminology Work *(second edition in English) will start on *January 16th2013 *. This workshop is offered by IULATERM, the leading Research Group in Terminology under the direction of M. Teresa Cabré, in the framework of the online Master in Terminology.****

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The online workshop *Methodology for Terminology Work* deals with the foundations of terminological practice within the framework of M. Teresa Cabré’s Communicative Theory of Terminology, and its main objective is the elaboration of a terminological product (a glossary or vocabulary) following the main phases of terminology work: definition of the work, writing the work plan, creation and examination of the extraction corpus, database creation and revision, and work editing. ****

The online workshop *Methodology for Terminology Work* is based on TERMINUS 2.0*©*, an application for terminology and corpus management developed by IULATERM Research Group. TERMINUS 2.0*©* is an integrated web application which provides tools for the complete terminographic workflow: document search, corpus compilation and exploration, automatic term extraction, dictionary and project management, database creation and maintenance, and dictionary edition (in digital or print format).


Please note that the number of places for the workshop is limited; thus early registration is strongly recommended. Please see below for further details, and do not hesitate to write to us should you need any additional information.****

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Workshop dates: January 16th – March 12th 2013****

ECTS Credits: 10****

Fee: € 600****

Registration: http://www.iula.upf.edu/teronlform0uk.htm (Please follow the instructions indicated under *Registration procedure*)****

Further information and contact: iulaonline at upf.edu****

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Best regards,****

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M. Teresa Cabré


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