[Corpora-List] NLP People: a natural language processing job board for recent graduates and professionals

Maxim Khalilov maxkhalilov at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 15:06:31 CET 2012

*NLP People: a natural language processing job board for recent graduates and professionals. 22nd November, 2012, Amsterdam

Today we announce a launch of a new service for job seekers and employers in language technology and related areas: NLPPeople.com<http://nlppeople.com/> .

NLPPeople.com <http://nlppeople.com/> is a job board for professionals in natural language processing, localization, data analysis and machine learning. We focus on both experienced professional and managers as well as recent graduates who have decided to move from academia to industry.

NLPPeople.com <http://nlppeople.com/> offers information regarding employment opportunities in various areas of language technology industry worldwide. At NLPPeople.com <http://nlppeople.com/> we post job openings coming directly from potential employers and leading recruitment agencies. We provide a large variety of exciting career opportunities worldwide to help you find the most comprehensive and up-to-date spread of information.

Our mission is to turn a gap that currently exists in the job market for Natural Language Processing into a useful tool for both job seekers and potential employers. This is due to our established contacts with many universities and companies that allow us direct access to world-class researchers and qualified professionals.

Based on job postings and submitted applications we conduct the in-depth analysis regarding the changes in the NLP job market, so do not miss our Publications <http://nlppeople.com/index.php/publications> and Blog (still in the hopper) sections, where we publish reports, guides and interviews with people who have a lot to share with job seekers.

For more information about NLPPeople.com, please visit:

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