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>> Here is a web site for sentiment tagging of tweets and blogs, where you can analyze brand e-reputation :
> I've been pondering an issue with sentiment analysis and opinion mining that the above brings to a head. Are the three things: sentiment, opinion and reputation identical?
> No, they're not. Consider the following exchange:
> - Have I eaten my last Twinkie?
> - Unfortunately, yes.

But that's a culturally determined example. Twinkies, thankfully, never made it across the Atlantic.

> The second speaker is expressing an opinion (that no one else will pick up the Twinkie brand and start manufacturing them again, which is value neutral), a sentiment (negative) that this is a bad thing, and a reputation (positive) for Twinkie, because its disappearance is bad.

Alternatively the second speaker is expression a sentiment that the first speaker has wolf down the last of the Twinkies in the house and that they are resentful of the action. Without a (much) larger context we can't read into that anecdotal example any real sentiment, opinion or reputation.
> Are we devaluing each or any of those descriptors by regarding them as one and same lumping them together like this?
> No, because they're very similar. "Big cat" is a meaningful term even if lions, tigers, and panthers are all distinct species, because they share more similarities than differences.

Not it you're an Apple user. Hopefully I can out run those. ;-)

Regards, Trevor.

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