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John F Sowa sowa at bestweb.net
Mon Nov 19 15:49:29 CET 2012

On 11/19/2012 8:35 AM, Trevor Jenkins wrote:
> Are the three things: sentiment, opinion and reputation identical?

The definition of 'sentiment' from the Merriam-Webster online:

> 1 a : an attitude, thought, or judgment prompted by feeling : predilection
> b : a specific view or notion : opinion
> 2 a : emotion
> b : refined feeling : delicate sensibility especially as expressed in a work of art
> c : emotional idealism
> d : a romantic or nostalgic feeling verging on sentimentality
> 3 a : an idea colored by emotion
> b : the emotional significance of a passage or expression as distinguished from its verbal context

The words 'feeling' and 'emotion' are critical to all three branches.

1b gives 'opinion' as a synonym, but only on a subsidiary branch. For a sentiment, the opinion is derived from a feeling. But a person could express an opinion about any kind of subject.

I would say that 'proposition' is the general term that subsumes an open-ended number of specializations: opinion, fact, axiom, assumption, hypothesis, assertion, etc.

A reputation is a specialization of opinion. It is an opinion about someone or something that is shared by some community.

> I'm aware that my comment here may only be true for English
> rather than some dialect of it or for any other languages.

The above distinctions could be expressed in any language. But the choice of distinctions and their "packaging" in the words and word senses could vary in different languages and dialects.

> For example the three concepts have different signifiers
> in certain signed languages, which match the different
> lexical realisations in English.

Most people who use a sign language can also read a language that is spoken. So they would probably find or invent some sign to express the ideas they learned through reading.

John Sowa

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