[Corpora-List] Download FreeLing / Spanish parser

Alberto Simões albie at alfarrabio.di.uminho.pt
Mon Nov 12 14:59:24 CET 2012

Dear Matías, I have no problem downloading any of the FreeLing packages.

Please send me a direct email (no need to spam the corpora list) with the exact file you want, and I'll put it somewhere else to download.

All the best, Alberto

On 12/11/12 13:29, Matías Guzmán wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need a Spanish parser and the only one I've found is the FreeLing one,
> but I'm having trouble downloading FreeLing from their webpage. For some
> reason the download always gets interrupted, and if I download it with
> something like flareGet the file seems to be broken. I've tried this for
> every file in three different computers. Does anyone know what the
> problem might be? I asked in their forums but got no answer. Or maybe
> anyone has the source code or the Precise deb file and can upload it to
> some other cyberlocker? Or if somebody could point me in the direction
> of a different Spanish parser...
> Thanks a lot,
> Matías Guzmán Naranjo
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