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A new book: Input, Process and Product. Developments in Teaching and Language Corpora emerged from the 2010 TaLC (Teaching and Learning Corpora) Conference held in Brno, Czech Republic . There are 21 papers edited by Alex Boulton and James Thomas, with a foreword by Chris Tribble. The book, produced by Marek Prochazka, was very favourably received by the authors when they were presented with their copies at the book launch which was included in the welcome reception of the Warsaw TaLC conference in July this year.

They are available through the Masaryk University online bookshop for thirty euros. More details, including the full Table of contents is available at its webpage: http://is.muni.cz/obchod/baleni/60615?lang=en

CONTENTS Introduction: Corpus language input, corpus processes in learning, learner corpus product (Alex Boulton, James Thomas) Section 1: Corpus input for language teaching Integrating corpora with everyday language teaching (Ana Frankenberg-Garcia) How people use words to make meanings: Semantic types meet valencies (Patrick Hanks) Corpora and teaching academic writing: Exploring the pedagogical potential of MICUSP (Ute Römer) A direct application of medical corpora to academic writing: A specialized concordance search interface and Moodle-based courseware (Shozo Yokoyama, Chizuko Suzuki, Seisuke Yasunami, Naoko Kawakita, Ryo Ohba) Scripted speech in the EFL classroom: The Corpus of American Television Series for teaching spoken English (Stefanie Dose)

Section 2: Corpus processes in language learning

Using a corpus for written production: A classroom study (Monika Geist, Angela Hahn) Corpus work with ordinary teachers: Data-driven learning activities (Henry Tyne) Hands-on / hands-off: Alternative approaches to data-driven learning (Alex Boulton) DDL for EFL beginners: A report on student gains and views on paper-based concordancing and the role of L1 (Kiyomi Chujo, Kathryn Oghigian) Using data-driven methods in teaching Czech as a foreign language (Klára Osolsobě, Pavlína Vališová) Pedagogical perspectives on bundles: Teaching bundles to doctoral students of biochemistry (Andreas Eriksson)

Section 3: Learner corpora as language description

The lexical patterning of light verbs in GRICLE and native corpora: A comparative corpus-based study (Marina Mattheoudakis, Anna-Maria Hatzitheodorou) Temporal fluency variables in native and non-native English speech: Corpus findings and language-pedagogical implications (Sandra Götz) Chinese learners’ use of formulaic sequences in spoken interaction (Jiajia Xu, Mark Morgan, John McKenny) Measuring learner (mis)use: Tense and aspect errors in the Bulgarian and German components of ICLE (Svetla Rogatcheva) Selected errors in the use of verbs by adult learners of English at B1, B2 and C1 levels (Sylwia Twardo)

Section 4: Learner corpora as language input

Interference in advanced English interlanguage: Scope, detectability and dependency (Susanne Kämmerer) Completing the feedback loop: Creating spoken learner corpora (M. Trevor Shanklin) Developing corpus-based word lists for English language learning and teaching: A critical appraisal of the English Vocabulary Profile (Yukio Tono)

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