[Corpora-List] Corpus of threats?

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Dear Tyler,

written threats would be fairly easy to gather - blood curdling threats from terrorist groups, for example. However, if your interest is in spoken communication then there is much less available - or at least much less available where the density of the appearance fo threats makes the source of data useful. An obvious source of data with a good probability of a high density of threats (or at least reports of threats) would be police and court records, but in the modern era these are difficult to access, for obvious reasons. If you looked through something like the Old Bailey online, however, you could probably find plenty of reports of threatening language in the context of the court records.

I think that language and violence/threat is a a good area to look at - the relationship of language to violence is often overlooked or is looked at simply in terms of violent lexis. I think that the pragmatics of threats and incitement to violence is a lot more subtle and powerful than a simple study of 'threatening language' would suggest. Best,


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I was looking over the records of searches that led to my corpus blog (http://corplinguistics.wordpress.com) and came across:

“death threat corpus linguistics”

This actually is a pretty interesting idea for a corpus. Does anyone know about such a corpus or something similar that would help researchers investigate the language of threatening/intimidation?

Vaguely law/criminal-related corpora suggestions are also welcomed. As would “flame war” corpora.



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