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SLATE 2012 - Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies

http://slate.di.uminho.pt/ --------------------------------------------------------------------


21 and 22 June, 2012

University of Minho, Braga, Portugal

We often use languages. First, to communicate between

ourselves. Later, to communicate with computers. And more recently,

with the advent of networks, we found a way to make computers

communicate between themselves. All these different forms of

communication use languages, different languages, but that still

share many similarities. In SLATE we are interested in discussing

these languages.

SLATE is born from a group of researchers that share the fascination

by the way languages work, being them natural or artificial. This

group organized over a decade two different conferences: XATA, with

interest in XML as the de facto language for computer interaction;

and CoRTA, with interest in Compilers and related techniques to

understand computer languages. SLATE arrives as the generalization of

these two conferences into the abstraction of languages.

Keynotes: --------------------------------------------------------------------

1. The New Generation of Algorithmic Debuggers

(Josep Silva Galiana)

2. From Program Execution to Automatic Reasoning: Integrating

Ontologies into Programming Languages

(Alexander Paar)

Talks: --------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Learning Spaces for Knowledge Generation

2. HandSpy: a system to manage experiments on cognitive processes in


3. Interoperability in eLearning contexts. Interaction between LMS and


4. The Impact of Programming Languages in Code Cloning

5. Generating flex lexical analyzers for Perl Parse::Yapp

6. PH-Helper--a Syntax-Directed Editor for Hoshimi Programming

Language, HL

7. Enhancing Coherency of Specification Documents From Automotive


8. On Extending a Linear Tabling Framework to Support Batched


9. A Purely Functional Combinator Language for Process Management

10. Mode-Directed Tabling and Applications in the YapTab System

11. Automatic Test Generation for Space

12. Computing semantic relatedness using DBPedia

13. Probabilistic SynSet Based Concept Location

14. Problem Domain Oriented Approach for Program Comprehension

15. Predicting Market Direction from Direct Speech by Business Leaders

16. Query matching in an infobot for university admissions processing

17. A Multimedia Parallel Corpus of English-Galician Film Subtitling

18. Investigating the Possibilities of Using SMT for Text Annotation

Registration: --------------------------------------------------------------------

* Early registration period extended until 3 June:

- Students: 70 €

- Standard: 100 €

* Standard registration:

- Students: 100 €

- Standard: 130 €

* Registration includes copy of the proceedings, gala dinner, coffee

breaks and two lunches.

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