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Hi Fatima/Mike Sorry if someone else has already raised these points, but I have been in Namibia for the past week, running an intensive corpus workshop, and may not have read the emails in this thread in the correct sequence.

#1 It is important to specify a "SUBJECT" in any email: a) a blank 'subject' field may be treated as spam/junk by some mailer systems b) it is easier to reply to a specific posting to a discussion-list if there is a 'subject' to reply to

#2 I think there is a difference between legal and ethical/professional considerations: a) legally, it may or may not be OK to use someone else's published work/data/methodology without their permission - I'm not sure b) but ethically/professionally, I personally would always at least inform the author of what I was doing, and thank them for providing stimulus/resource/direction for my own work.

#3 I certainly think it would be unethical, unprofessional (and also perhaps illegal?) to "claim it to be the developer teams' own work". Surely some form of acknowledgement is required in such a situation, even if permission as such is not required?

Best Ramesh

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Hi all,

If someone is assigned a research project by some organization (who is paying money for that), can he/she use other's research work, data or methodology without the permission of the researcher? And moreover, claim it to be the developer teams' own work?


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IN my opinion, yes. If you make something public (publishing) you

cannot pick & choose who will use that idea or those data.

Similarly you cannot have back a gift once given.

Cheers -- Mike

On 22/05/2012 05:12, fatima zuhra wrote:

I want to ask a question. If some scholar's work is

published, can anyone use that work for a developmental

project without the scholar's permission? Even the

supervisor of the scholar?


Mike Scott


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