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IGI Global Book on Natural Language Processing and Computational Semantics for Argumentation

DEADLINE: 5th of July


This book considers how the research areas of Computational Semantics and Argumentation Theory can be merged for the task of the semantic interpretation of arguments from natural language. Computational Semantics is a relatively new research domain which is proving relevant to researchers and practitioners in the fields of computational linguistics and natural language processing. The aim of Computational Semantics is to discover novel techniques which can automatically construct semantic representations for natural language expressions, representations which can then be applied to perform inference. Argumentation can be described as the means of how people reason collaboratively or competitively on any topic where information, knowledge, or claims conflict or are inconsistent. Argumentation is the means to develop knowledge, which is provisional and fallible. Argumentation is an interdisciplinary subject, with relevance to linguistics, computational linguistics, formal logic, computational semantics, and abstract argumentation, as well as application in artificial intelligence research in law, medicine, design and policy. Currently, abstract theories of argumentation are limited in clearly representing arguments in natural language.


The overall objective of our book is to provide an introduction to the respective subjects of Computational Semantics and Argumentation. Furthermore, this book will proceed to detail the mechanisms by which key researchers in the respective areas propose how these two research domains could be merged seamlessly. This book will highlight this current gap within the field where both a significant and interesting research contribution could be made. It will consist of a series of chapters written by various experts in the field.

Target Audience

This book will be of specific interest to researchers working in the area of computational semantics and/or argumentation or both. It will have broader interest to researchers in the areas of (but not limited to) computational linguistics, computational logic, natural language processing, epistemology, philosophy, artificial intelligence and reasoning.

Recommended Topics

Below is a list of topics which we feel would provide a comprehensive overview of the areas of computational semantics and argumentation. This list also contains suggested topics that highlight the intersection between these two research areas. It is important to point out that this is not an exhaustive list - merely suggested topics for the book contents.

Natural Language Processing

Overview of Information Retrieval

Automated Argument Extraction

Machine Learning and Argument Extraction

Computational Semantics

First Order logic/ Lambda Calculus

Discourse Analysis

Discourse Representation Theory

Semantic Under specification/Ambiguity - Glue Semantics/Hole Semantics



Classical Argumentation

Defeasible Argumentation

Probabilistic Argumentation

Applications of Argumentation

Methodologies for creating a framework for natural language based argumentation

Future Work

Submission Procedure

Potential contributors are asked to submit proposed book chapters based on the suggested topics above. Proposals should be submitted either in PDF or MS Word format. These chapters should include an overview of the subject area along with current research trends/results and future work. Proposed chapter submissions should be no longer than 2 pages. Authors will be notified if their proposal is accepted, and chapters drafts are due in July. Each full chapter will be double-blind reviewed by at least three reviewers in the research area.

Chapters will be collated in the book “Computational Semantics and Argumentation Techniques for Natural Language Processing” and published by IGI Global (http://www.igi-global.com/).


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