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Octavian Popescu popescu at fbk.eu
Thu May 3 23:14:40 CEST 2012

FBK-irst HLT DepartmentSUMMERSHIP 2012 http://hlt.fbk.eu/ Trento, Italy

Continuing the initiative of the previous years, the HLT unit is happy to announce the availability of internships for MA/MS and PhD students interested in carrying out research projects on NLP at FBK-irst (Trento), during our 2012 Su mmer Internship Program.

HLT is a strong research group in Human Language Technology. We are experts in Content Extraction, Machine Translation and Speech Recognition. We are happy to collaborate with motivated students pursuing a degree in Natural Language P rocessing or Speech Processing on topics which are of special interest to the community.

The Summer Internship Program is an exciting opportunity for students pursuing their graduate thesis to enrich their scientific background by working directly with researchers from HLT. Together with her/his adviser, the succes sful student candidate will focus on a specific language technology topic . The topics are chosen such that the implementation, the experiments and the analysis of results are carried out over a few weeks period . For a limited number of positions, the accommodation, meals and transport will be s<http://hlt.fbk.eu/en/openpositions/intgrad#support>ponsored by the HLT unit.

Motivated students with a valuable curriculum in various Natural Language Processing topics are invited to submit their application. The application is linked to a specific topic which is proposed and supervised by an HLT resear cher. A candidate is welcome to apply for more than one topic if she/he feels that she/he is qualified to.

The application consists in sending the CV directly to the researcher responsible for a particular topic, before May 25, 2012. Please consult the list of topics and read the short description for each topic at http://hlt.fbk.eu/en/openpositions/intgrad

Contact Person Octavian Popescu popescu at fbk.eu

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