[Corpora-List] Ambiguous words in English and their frequency

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Not forgetting the ambiguity in nearly all words, where context distinguishes e.g. in the word /meat/ ("uncooked red stuff" v. "brown stuff") or /onions/ between "ingredient" v. "crop" v. "commodity-for-trading" v. "complement for hot-dogs" etc. Quantifying that sense of ambiguity would be tricky!

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On 25/01/2012 19:33, FORT, Karen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need to find this information (the proportion of ambiguous words in English and their frequency).
> For example, we know that in French 8% of the words represent 30% of the ambiguity.
> Of course, it's very rough, but it's only to have a rough idea.
> Can somebody help me with this (of course, I searched for a ref but could not find anything precise)?
> Thank you in advance,
> Regards,
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