[Corpora-List] Language complexity for textual processing

Taras taras8055 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 12:41:31 CET 2012

Hi Alon

Thank you for the link to the paper.

As for the kind of processing, I meant the usual NLP set: lemmatising, stemming, POS, probably dependency parsing. I am also interested in applicability of ML and simple rule-based processing to different languages and requirements for preprocessing before above-mentioned techniques could be applied. Nothing too 'fancy'.


On 26/01/12 11:10, Alon Lischinsky wrote:
> Hi Taras,
>> I wonder if anyone knows a research on language complexity evaluation
>> regarding textual processing?
> In the last CSLP there was an interesting presentation by Philip
> Blache, "Evaluating Language Complexity in Context: New Parameters for
> a Constraint-Based Model". It doesn't provide a ranking, but explains
> the rationale for a reasonably sophisticated metric of complexity that
> can hold across different contexts. You can find it in the online
> proceedings at http://control.ruc.dk/CSLP2011/temp/CSLP2011Proceedings.pdf
>> Intuitively, I can, for example, assume
>> that English is easier for text processing than French because the
>> latter is more inflected than English which would require more complex
>> lemmatisation.
> It all depends on what kind of processing you're interested in.
> Anything involving the semantics, let alone the pragmatics, of natural
> language in context is so far beyond our ability to process it that
> measuring its complexity seems a pointless exercise.
> Cheers,
> A.
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