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Please find a selection of the links that I have been advised after the mail I posted on corpora list on the 20th of January:

- A parallel corpora for a given phrase is provided by www.linguee.fr. Linguee deals with four bidirectional languages combinations: english/french, english/spanish, english/portuguese, english/german.

- A French/English dictionary : http://dico.isc.cnrs.fr

- The "Tobar na Gaedhilge" ( http://www.smo.uhi.ac.uk/~oduibhin/tobar/index.htm) which has to be downloaded and installed in Windows.The "Tolbar na Gaedhilge" is a set of parallel corpora (Gaelic-English, Gaelic-French) and the interface is in Gaelic (Irish). Concerning French, it contains a small English-French parallel corpus consisting of the following texts in both languages: Pêcheur d'Islande (Loti/Cambon), Ben-Hur (Wallace/Mazoyer), Typhoon (Conrad/Gide)/Amy Foster (Conrad/Jean-Aubry).

Thank you again for your answers.

Margot Colinet Paris Diderot-Paris 7

*Mail posted on corpora.list on the 20th of January:*

I'm a PhD student working in formal semantics on the meaning of some French determiners, such as *'le moindre N'* which can be translated into English as 'any N at all', 'the slightest N', 'a single N' when it occurs in negative sentences (see (1)) and as 'any N' or 'each and every N' in positive sentences (see (2)):

(1) Je suis totalement ignorante, je ne connais pas *la moindre* *ville* de ce pays. I'm totally ignorant, I don't know *a single town* of this country.

(2) Paul est impressionnant, il connaît *la moindre ville* de ce pays. Paul is amazing, he knows* each and every town* of this country.

I'm interested in comparing French with other Romance languages such as Italian and Spanish but also with English. I'm looking for a parallel corpora tool (preferably online) which would find the most frequent translations of the determiners from French to these three languages, and provide a list of parallel sentences for each possible translation.

Any reference to available tools would be highly appreciated. You can answer directly to me, I will summarize your tips in a later post.

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