[Corpora-List] translating french determiners into other languages

Cyril Grouin cyril.grouin at limsi.fr
Sun Jan 22 12:46:00 CET 2012

Hi Margot,

Perhaps you can use www.linguee.fr that provides parallel corpora for a

given phrase. As an example, for "le moindre", Linguee highlights the

following translations:

- nul n'a jamais montré le moindre souci ... : Nobody anywhere gave a

hoot ...

- il ne fait pas le moindre effort pour atteindre ... : It does nothing

to reach out ...


Nevertheless, it seems that all examples are negative ones.

Linguee allows us to deal with following bidirectional languages

combinations: english/french, english/spanish, english/portuguese,



On Fri, 20 Jan 2012 17:40:50 +0100, Margot Colinet wrote:
> I'm a PhD student working in formal semantics on the meaning of some
> French determiners, such as 'LE MOINDRE N' which can be translated
> into English as 'any N at all', 'the slightest N', 'a single N' when
> it occurs in negative sentences (see (1)) and as 'any N' or 'each and
> every N' in positive sentences (see (2)):
> (1) Je suis totalement ignorante, je ne connais pas LA
> MOINDRE VILLE de ce pays.
> I'm totally ignorant, I don't know A SINGLE TOWN of this country.
> (2) Paul est impressionnant, il connaît LA MOINDRE VILLE de ce
> pays.
> Paul is amazing, he knows EACH AND EVERY TOWN of this country.
> I'm interested in comparing French with other Romance languages such
> as Italian and Spanish but also with English. I'm looking for a
> parallel corpora tool (preferably online) which would find the most
> frequent translations of the determiners from French to these three
> languages, and provide a list of parallel sentences for each possible
> translation. 
> Any reference to available tools would be highly appreciated. You can
> answer directly to me, I will summarize your tips in a later post.
> Thanks you for your help!
> Margot Colinet
> Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle
> Paris Diderot-Paris 7

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