[Corpora-List] ANNOUNCEMENT: first volume of CLIN journal available online

G.J.M.Noord, van g.j.m.van.noord at rug.nl
Thu Jan 19 13:12:56 CET 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: the first volume of the new Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands Journal is available online.

ISSN: 2211-4009 http://clinjournal.org

The Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands Journal (CLIN Journal) provides an international forum for the electronic publication of high-quality scholarly articles in all areas of computational linguistics, language and speech technology. All published papers are open access and freely available online.

CLIN Journal is linked to the yearly CLIN conference and accepts submissions of full papers based on research presented at the conference. These papers are rigorously reviewed by members of the editorial board and additional expert reviewers, and when accepted are published in a volume of the journal with as guest editor the organizer(s) of the corresponding CLIN conference.

The first volume of the journal is a selection of articles on the basis of CLIN 21 in Ghent (February 2011) and is now available.

Contents Volume 1

Volume Editors: Els Lefever and Veronique Hoste

Lefever, E., & Hoste V. Preface

Beaufort, R., & Roekhaut S. Automation of dictation exercises. A working combination of CALL and NLP.

Lopopolo, A., & BirĂ³ T. Language Change and SA-OT. The case of sentential negation

Ruiz, N., & Weiffenbach E. Using corpora tools to analyze gradable nouns in Dutch

Theijssen, D., van Halteren H., Boves L., & Oostdijk N. On the difficulty of making concreteness concrete

van den Bosch, A. Effects of Context and Recency in Scaled Word Completion

van Halteren, H., Martell C. H., Caixia D., Gu Y., Kobben J., Panjaitan L., et al. Im chattin :-) u wanna NLP it: Analyzing Reduction in Chat

Wieling, M., Margaretha E., & Nerbonne J. Inducing phonetic distances from dialect variation

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