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Daniele daniele.pighin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 12:44:58 CET 2012

[apologies for multiple posting]

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce a new version of TikZ-dependency, downloadable https://sourceforge.net/projects/tikz-dependency/.

TikZ-dependency allows you to draw dependency graphs in LaTeX documents with little or no effort.

The package has a very easy to learn, high level interface that can be used to draw simple dependency trees, complex non projective graphs, bubble parses, and in general any kind of graph which is based on a sequence of nodes and edges among these.

It is based on PGF/TikZ and it can be used either with latex or pdflatex. It comes with a very comprehensive documentation that will get you started in 10 minutes, even without any prior knowledge of TikZ.

It also provides a lot of styling facilities, to let you personalize the look and feel of the graphs at your liking.

Changes in version 1.1 -------------------------------

- Added the possibility to choose between segmented and arc edges

- Added two new configuration keys ("edge start x offset" and "edge end

x offset") to fine tune edge start/end point position

- Added a command (\depstyle) to ease style definition

- Added a new "simple" theme, based on the parse on page 1 of [Nivre and

McDonald, ACL-HLT 2008]

- Added instructions on how to draw bubble parses

- Fixed bug that would cause \groupedges not to be straight under some


I hope that you will find it useful,


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