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Frederik Vaassen frederik.vaassen at ua.ac.be
Mon Jan 16 10:36:28 CET 2012

Hi Rich,

Very interesting indeed! The only thing I'm missing is the business aspect, as I'd like to restrict my research to business conversations. I imagine these therapeutic sessions will be of a much more personal nature.

I'll admit, it's tempting to look into this as a kind of "side project". But given the vast amount of annotation work this would require, I'm afraid I won't have the time to pull it off...

I think I might give the series a try, though, purely for my own enjoyment. HBO have a lot of quality series, I doubt I'll be disappointed :)

In any case, thank you for the suggestion! If you (or anyone else) have more ideas, feel free to share.

Frederik CLiPS Research Center University of Antwerp, Belgium http://www.clips.ua.ac.be/~frederik/

On 2012-01-10 19:08, Rich Cooper wrote:
> Dear Frederik,
> There is a TV show about a shrink and his patients
> which also has subtitle files for each episode.
> It is scripted (since it's a show) rather than
> unplanned, but the conversational material is
> excellent for establishing emotional driving
> forces, individual histories, and the reactions of
> each person are followed. The shrink even has
> problems with his wife and kids, and he discusses
> them in conversation with his own shrink, who was
> his supervisor in shrink college. The series is
> called "In Treatment", and it is a fascinating
> watch.
> You can notice the Jungian typologies in the
> character of the individuals. Each episode is
> about thirty minutes with video, so you can
> further annotate the displayed emotions of each
> character in addition to the dialog itself. Using
> the transcribed text of the language, and the
> instantaneous emotionally honest responses of the
> speakers, lets you correlate all kinds of
> interesting factors that come out in analysis of
> each character's internal psychological
> structures.
> Season 1 (of three seasons total) has about 43
> episodes, so video, subtitles and all take up a
> 23GB file for downloading via torrents:
> http://dl.btjunkie.org/torrent/In-Treatment-Season
> -1-720p-Complete/4239f2458f962306af1b96ee3f8e26a05
> d667d3f3b2f/download.torrent
> There are two other seasons so far, but depending
> on how you use the material, it may (or may not)
> be considered under the "fair use" doctrine that
> evolved from the days of copiers being used in
> small volume to support other work. You may have
> to seek legal advice (IANAL) if you have fancy
> ideas of how to use it, but I would think (again,
> IANAL) that you could get a lot of research and
> insight from analyzing the language and
> correlating observed emotions with the sequence of
> statements.
> -RIch
> Sincerely,
> Rich Cooper
> EnglishLogicKernel.com
> Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com
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> Hi all,
> I'm currently trying to apply text classification
> techniques to
> interpersonal communication in a business setting.
> Specifically, my
> research has involved trying to automatically
> place sentences from
> conversations on the Interpersonal Circumplex
> (also known as Leary's
> Rose, a two-dimensional framework defined by
> dominance and affinity
> dimensions).
> The data I've used to experiment on was gathered
> manually, and it's been
> sufficient for a good few experiments, but I'm
> looking to expand my
> research. For that, I need more data.
> Which is why I turn to you!
> Does anyone know of any corpora that contain
> conversations between two
> parties, captured in a business setting?
> Some examples: e-mail conversations; transcripts
> of face-to-face
> conversations, phone conversations and meetings;
> scripts for
> professional role play sessions...
> Ideally, I'd like the documents to be in English
> or in Dutch.
> I'm already aware of the Enron corpus as well as
> of Nelson (2000)'s
> Business English corpus, but it'd be great if I
> could find more and
> different data.
> Any input is greatly appreciated!
> Regards,
> Frederik Vaassen
> CLiPS Research Center
> University of Antwerp, Belgium
> http://www.clips.ua.ac.be/~frederik
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