[Corpora-List] Second announcement: 'Corpus Linguistics in the South' Event - London: February 11, 2012

R. Freake r.freake at qmul.ac.uk
Sun Jan 15 14:32:04 CET 2012

Second announcement: The second 'Corpus Linguistics in the South' event


Where: Queen Mary, University of London

When: Saturday, February 11, 2012

Following on the first successful Corpus Linguistics in the South event at the University of Portsmouth, the next Corpus Linguistics in the South workshop will take place at Queen Mary, University of London on February 11, 2012. The main theme for this event is the application of corpora to studies in areas such as gender, tourism & sustainability, military conflict and climate change. There will also be papers focusing on the application of corpora to EAP writing in specific disciplines and to translation work. The purpose is to present, discuss and produce constructive debate on recent work on the discourses surrounding current social issues as well as to showcase examples of the use of corpora in teaching and translating practice. The program will include the following speakers and presentations:

Christopher Tribble (King's College, London): 'From text to corpus: working with student texts in the development of disciplinary specific writing development programmes' Ramesh Krishnamurthy (Aston University): 'Hotting up or cooling down - the discourse of climate change' Kieran O'Halloran (King's College, London): 'Deleuze, ethnics and corpora: deconstructing an argument in favour of genetically modified crops' Juliette Scott (University of Portsmouth): 'Legal discourse(s) in translation: how can corpus linguistics do more for freelance non-literary translators?' Sylvia Jaworska (Queen Mary, University of London): 'In search of the 'local' and 'authentic': corpus-based investigations of the current discourse of tourism'

The presentations will be followed by a round table discussion open to all workshop participants.

In keeping with the first Corpus Linguistics in the South event, there will be no charge for attending or participating, but participants are welcome to join an inexpensive (ąŁ15) group lunch midday.

If you are interested in coming, please contact Rachelle Freake (r.freake at qmul.ac.uk) to be added to the mailing list and for the full programme when available.


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