[Corpora-List] Working Latex package for typesetting dependency graphs?

Adam Radziszewski kocikikut at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 16:43:39 CET 2012

[Apologies for semi-spam] Dear Corpora users, I've been trying for a couple of hours to find a *working* LaTEX package to produce simple dependency graphs. I'm sure many of you have already done it successfully, so I venture to ask for hints here.

What I mean is a package tailored at drawing labelled arrows between words or blocks of text without having to learn a large general package like PSTricks or TIKZ. My best hit seemed tikz-dependency, unfortunately I can't compile even the simplest examples (TIKZ itself works perfectly on my side, that is texlive distribution on Ubuntu 10.04).

I'll be grateful for any hints, Adam Radziszewski -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name: not available Type: text/html Size: 773 bytes Desc: not available URL: <https://mailman.uib.no/public/corpora/attachments/20120111/0d0253f9/attachment.txt>

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