[Corpora-List] Looking for interpersonal communication corpora

Nikos Engonopoulos nikolaos at coli.uni-saarland.de
Tue Jan 10 23:42:33 CET 2012

Dear Frederik,

Perhaps you would be interested in the publicly available AMI Meeting Corpus:


It contains meeting recordings and has orthographic transcriptions and a number of other interesting annotations.


Nikos Engonopoulos Saarland University, Germany

Στις 10/01/2012 04:30 μμ, ο/η Frederik Vaassen έγραψε:
> Hi all,
> I'm currently trying to apply text classification techniques to
> interpersonal communication in a business setting. Specifically, my
> research has involved trying to automatically place sentences from
> conversations on the Interpersonal Circumplex (also known as Leary's
> Rose, a two-dimensional framework defined by dominance and affinity
> dimensions).
> The data I've used to experiment on was gathered manually, and it's been
> sufficient for a good few experiments, but I'm looking to expand my
> research. For that, I need more data.
> Which is why I turn to you!
> Does anyone know of any corpora that contain conversations between two
> parties, captured in a business setting?
> Some examples: e-mail conversations; transcripts of face-to-face
> conversations, phone conversations and meetings; scripts for
> professional role play sessions...
> Ideally, I'd like the documents to be in English or in Dutch.
> I'm already aware of the Enron corpus as well as of Nelson (2000)'s
> Business English corpus, but it'd be great if I could find more and
> different data.
> Any input is greatly appreciated!
> Regards,
> Frederik Vaassen
> CLiPS Research Center
> University of Antwerp, Belgium
> http://www.clips.ua.ac.be/~frederik
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