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Tue Jan 10 19:08:22 CET 2012

Dear Frederik,

There is a TV show about a shrink and his patients which also has subtitle files for each episode. It is scripted (since it's a show) rather than unplanned, but the conversational material is excellent for establishing emotional driving forces, individual histories, and the reactions of each person are followed. The shrink even has problems with his wife and kids, and he discusses them in conversation with his own shrink, who was his supervisor in shrink college. The series is called "In Treatment", and it is a fascinating watch.

You can notice the Jungian typologies in the character of the individuals. Each episode is about thirty minutes with video, so you can further annotate the displayed emotions of each character in addition to the dialog itself. Using the transcribed text of the language, and the instantaneous emotionally honest responses of the speakers, lets you correlate all kinds of interesting factors that come out in analysis of each character's internal psychological structures.

Season 1 (of three seasons total) has about 43 episodes, so video, subtitles and all take up a 23GB file for downloading via torrents:

http://dl.btjunkie.org/torrent/In-Treatment-Season -1-720p-Complete/4239f2458f962306af1b96ee3f8e26a05 d667d3f3b2f/download.torrent

There are two other seasons so far, but depending on how you use the material, it may (or may not) be considered under the "fair use" doctrine that evolved from the days of copiers being used in small volume to support other work. You may have to seek legal advice (IANAL) if you have fancy ideas of how to use it, but I would think (again, IANAL) that you could get a lot of research and insight from analyzing the language and correlating observed emotions with the sequence of statements.


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Hi all,

I'm currently trying to apply text classification techniques to interpersonal communication in a business setting. Specifically, my research has involved trying to automatically place sentences from conversations on the Interpersonal Circumplex (also known as Leary's Rose, a two-dimensional framework defined by dominance and affinity dimensions).

The data I've used to experiment on was gathered manually, and it's been sufficient for a good few experiments, but I'm looking to expand my research. For that, I need more data.

Which is why I turn to you!

Does anyone know of any corpora that contain conversations between two parties, captured in a business setting? Some examples: e-mail conversations; transcripts of face-to-face conversations, phone conversations and meetings; scripts for professional role play sessions...

Ideally, I'd like the documents to be in English or in Dutch.

I'm already aware of the Enron corpus as well as of Nelson (2000)'s Business English corpus, but it'd be great if I could find more and different data.

Any input is greatly appreciated!


Frederik Vaassen CLiPS Research Center University of Antwerp, Belgium http://www.clips.ua.ac.be/~frederik

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