[Corpora-List] Handling a Large Text Archive

Mark Davies Mark_Davies at byu.edu
Wed Jan 4 18:20:57 CET 2012

I've appreciated the comments and suggestions so far from others on this topic.

It got me wondering -- although I personally don't use special-purpose text analysis (i.e. word frequency or concordancing) programs much, I'd like to provide a nice overview of 4-5 of the most useful programs for the students in my Corpus Linguistics class this semester. I'm aware of some of the more well-known (Windows-based) programs, such as WordSmith and AntConc. But I'm wondering if anyone here has created (or is aware of) a nice web page with links to several different programs, listing their strengths and weaknesses.

I've googled and have found several pages with links to "text analysis" programs, but most of them deal with programs that are designed to work with very small corpora (i.e. a handful of Word documents), and few if any of these surveys are up to date. Any good suggestions on up-to-date web pages, with a focus on (mostly Windows-based) programs that can handle at least moderate-sized corpora?

Thanks in advance,

Mark Davies

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